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September 20

The Town of Cobourg has now put the video on-line that was shown at the Victoria Square Public Meeting.  It has now been added to the article about this here.

Now also online, the Communities in Bloom "Book" prepared by the CIB Committee to give to the judges.  Go to the article on CIB here.

Council Meetings


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  • Bill Thompson said More
    Always try to wear red every Friday to "R"emember "E"veryone "D"eployed as Red... 3 hours ago.
  • John Draper said More
    The colour of the room is old yet new; the artifacts and furniture are old.... 8 hours ago.
  • manfred s said More
    Using only the pictures in this article, I get a feeling that maybe there's a... 8 hours ago.
  • anonymous two said More
    I can only assume that the Town knows of a really, really, cheap roofing... 3 days ago.
  • Jill said More
    Big t
    Thanks to Home Hardware and their civic generosity. 3 days ago.
  • Lydia Smith said More
    Thanks to all who participated. 3 days ago.
  • No Tree Hugger said More
    Thank you, Home Hardware! 3 days ago.
  • Frenchy said More
    Thinking I concur (hard to believe, but I do) with your post Rocky Varcoe. If... 3 days ago.

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