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News Update

October 19

1. The Consultant's presentation from the Parks and Rec public meeting is now available for download on Cobourg Internet here.

2. If your organization wants a grant from the Town in 2017, then you must complete this form and submit it by October 31st, 2016.

Council Meetings


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  • manfred s said More
    it's always wise to assess the situation where you're looking to locate before... 14 hours ago.
  • Dave said More
    Manfred, are you saying that "your" mayor is once again flying by the seat of... 14 hours ago.
  • manfred s said More
    one more time, roof repairs are expected and required, but when those repairs... 16 hours ago.
  • ben said More
    It depends on what the taxpayer's own. Otherwise just taxpayers 18 hours ago.
  • jade said More
    Fantastic York ! 21 hours ago.
  • Action jackson said More
    The CTA should tell the tax payers what they are costing them on these witch... 1 day ago.
  • Dubious said More
    Is any scheme from Gill "good for the rest of us"? 1 day ago.
  • Frenchy said More
    A roof needs more maintenance on a commercial property than on a residential... 1 day ago.

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