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Latest Comments

  • Bob said More
    He is a "story teller" 2 hours ago.
  • Wally Keeler said More
    Oh but you did sow doubt about my Cobourg residences
    Frenchy wrote:
    Wally, what was your...
    2 hours ago.
  • Pierre said More
    If the Park theatre could be run as a successful business, I am all for it.
    If... 5 hours ago.
  • Bob McCown said More
    I agree the skateboard park situation has been grossly mishandled by the town... 7 hours ago.
  • concernedparent said More
    We have spent more time and energy making sure the CCC is up and running for the... 7 hours ago.
  • Bob McCown said More
    Really? Other than the skateboard park what are you even referring to? I can't... 7 hours ago.
  • Roarke said More
    One topic we are dancing around here, ( in definition, as well as usage) is the... 8 hours ago.
  • concernedparent said More
    I attended the parks and recreation advisory committee meeting and was assured... 8 hours ago.

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