Cobourg Internet is a Computer and Internet business based in Cobourg that has provided a service to the people of Cobourg who are interested in using the Internet for personal or business purposes. Effective 2017, no new clients are being accepted although some existing clients will be continued.  Cobourg Internet is NOT an Internet Service Provider.  If you want Internet service, contact Bell, Cogeco, Eagle, Xplornet or Airnet.  More here.

The focus of the Site is on Cobourg and the Internet. For contact info, see below.

The scope of the site is:

1. The Town of Cobourg

Communication on what is happening in the town is provided under Cobourg News while the about Cobourg page has a brief description of the town and its major events and highlights - supported by photos. Information is updated as it changes.

2. Cobourg on the Internet

Most Cobourg Businesses and Organizations are on the Internet.  You can see a comprehensive list of Cobourg based organizations here:  Cobourg and the web.  Some are also on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In or other social media pages but those pages are not listed here.

See also

3. Web Site Design

Cobourg Internet has designed a number of web sites and continues to maintain some of them. (see complete list of sites).

Technical Expertise at Cobourg Internet

  • Qualified as a Professional Engineer in Canada - Electronic Engineering specialist, R.F. (e.g. cell sites and two-way radio).
  • Many years experience in management of a high tech sales support department.
  • Has been using, modifying and repairing personal computers for 30 years.
  • Knowledgable about Windows, Office, E-mail, Internet and many other misc programs.
  • Moderately capable photographer and competent with Photoshop to clean up, modify and enhance graphics and Photos.
  • Competent with HTML and Javascript as used for Web sites. Competent with Joomla, HTML5 and CSS3.


Rates are generally low due to a low overhead and a different motivation. However, all work is guaranteed and no attempt is made to baffle you with terminology.

Rate is $30.00 per hour. Domains and Hosting are at fixed (competitive) rates.

4. Support for Current Clients

5. Contact me

Contact Information is here.

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