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Ordered by type then in alphabetical order.  Most of the recent sites are Joomla since they work better with phones and are editable by clients.  A large number of sites that were designed and previously managed by Cobourg Internet were transferred to Interpool in 2017.  No new clients are being accepted.

  Name Description Type Host *
cobourg news Cobourg News Blog § Current News for Cobourg WordPress Net Cobourg
attitudes for education logo Attitudes for Education The Scholarship where Attitude is everything Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
ccht logo Citizen's Council of Hamilton Township Taxpayers group in Hamilton. Self managed. Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
Cobourg Ecology Garden * Cobourg's Ecology Garden. Self Managed Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
logo-cdhs Cobourg & District Historical Society * Official site of Cobourg's Historical Society Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
Cobourg History § Many articles on the History of Cobourg Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
loft logo Cobourg Loft Simple site to showcase the program at the Loft at 210 Division St. Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
Marie Dressler * Dedicated to the Hollywood star who was born in Cobourg. Operated by Marie Dressler Foundation. Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
Film Sundays
An alternative Film Experience. Films from the Toronto International Film Festival Circuit. Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
Northumberland Photography Club * Photography Club of interest to anyone interested in taking photos. Self managed. Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
OAAS Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Large site for Ontario Fairs Association - partly self managed Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
Ontario Fairs Ontario Fairs Large site for Ontario Fairs - partly self managed Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
Probus Northumberland *
eight clubs
Official site of Probus clubs in Northumberland. Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
vhv logo Victoria Hall Volunteers Women's group who work to preserve Victoria Hall Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
Vintage Film Festival * Marie Dressler Foundation has operated this Festival since 1992. Joomla 3 Net Cobourg
Eco Advantage Energy Advisors Energy Assessments HTML Eagle
Lori Anna Reid * Singer with roots in Newfoundland. Not active. HTML Net Cobourg
pichler Pichler Engineering  Commercial Building Inspections and Audits HTML Global Tele Host
Pine Ridge Hiking Club Club for hiking enthusiasts HTML Net Cobourg
Spirit of Canada Art Gallery Political Museum and Gallery in Harwood HTML Net Cobourg


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