In addition to the general spam catcher which has three levels – OK, Maybe spam indicated by {Spam} and deleted, definitely spam (More here) – you can specify a blacklist of definite spammers. Sometimes this is needed to stop persistent spam that does not get deleted.  Any email from an address listed on the blacklist is deleted.

To access in CPanel, under Mail click MailScanner Configuration. Then click Email Black/Whitelist Settings.

In the blacklist column, you can have up to 30 entries. The options are:

  1. An email address e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. An IP address e.g.
  3. Use a wild card to specify variations.

Possible variations:

  • * – any emails from the domain
  • *@*.ru – any emails from a Russian domain.

Or you can specify a range of IPs e.g. – any IP in the range specified.

Another option is to use a filter. This looks at the subject or content and performs an action – one choice is deletion. Filters can either work on one email account or all accounts on your site. In CPanel, under email choose either Account level filtering or User Level Filtering and follow the instructions.

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