Information on Mail Scanner

All customers of Cobourg Internet who use email on their site are protected from Viruses and Spam with Mail Scanner. No configuration is necessary and there is no charge for this service.

This will delete all emails that contain viruses or are 99.9% likely to be Spam. If an email MIGHT be spam, it is labeled as such by including {Spam?} in the subject line. You can then decide if it is or not and delete it. It is recommended that you set up a filter in your mail box to collect all these together - instructions are given below for Outlook and Outlook Express. Other email programs can be configured in a similar fashion.

It will also bar dangerous attachments - if someone wants to send you one of these files (e.g. .exe - more details below) - ask them to zip it first.

If you want to change any of the settings, you can go into CPanel and do so - however, it is recommended that you leave them as they are. Note in particular, that there is usually no need to whitelist or blacklist anyone unless you are sure that it is required.

Full documentation is available in pdf downloads available with the links below.

If a customer has any questions, email me with your concern.

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