If you set your email software to save all your emails, then eventually the mailbox on the server will get full. If that happens, emails to you will bounce until space is made. Before that happens, you will get warnings to give you a chance to do something about it.

The default quota at Cobourg Internet is 250MB but this can be made larger if required. The limit depends on your account – with a Basic account, the total available for all mailboxes plus the site itself, is 2,000 MB. For Business accounts, it’s 10,000 MB. But eventually, the limit will be reached unless some older emails are deleted.

Deleting old emails is usually automatic but it depends on the settings in your email program and it depends on whether you use a desktop client like Outlook or pickup mail via web mail. Settings on your phone or ipad/tablet are also important but are not usually a problem.

Phone email settings

When you get emails on your phone, you would probably want them to also be on your computer in the office. The default phone settings will do that. On my android phone, under Settings>Account Settings>Fetching Mail, I have it set so that “When I delete a message” it is set to “Do not delete on server”. This means that the Desktop (or laptop) settings will determine what happens.

On an ipad, go to Settings, Email then select the account. Under Advanced, choose Delete from server, Never and When I delete messages, Delete from server after (e.g.) one week

Web mail

If you have to first open a browser to view emails, then you are using web mail. For Cobourg Internet, to access webmail, you enter your domain followed by :2095 (or /webmail) – e.g. www.cobourginternet.com:2095 (or www.cobourginternet.com/webmail). You then enter your email address and password followed by selecting the email program you want to use. But these webmail programs, never permanently delete emails unless you “empty your trash”. Emails just accumulate. The “trash” is like a recycle bin so must be emptied at least occasionally. So to keep your usage of space reasonable, the old emails in the inbox must be deleted and the trash must be emptied.

Desktop (or laptop) computer

If you have no phone or other computer that picks up email, then your desktop/laptop email program should be set to NOT keep a copy on the server. But if there are other computers or a phone that also access the account, then you need to keep a copy on the server – but not indefinitely. You should make sure it deletes the copy after a number of days. Mine is set to delete after one day but for some it may be best set to delete after 10 days. If it never deletes, then your only other choice is to occasionally go into webmail and delete old emails from your inbox and empty your trash (see above).

Access to these settings varies but for Outlook 2010, it is as follows:

  1. Go to File>Account Settings
  2. Highlight the account to be changed and click Change…
  3. Click More settings then choose the Advanced tab
  4. If you pickup emails on other devices, under Delivery, check Leave a copy of messages on the server and check Remove from server. Choose the number of days – 1 day recommended. If you use only one computer/laptop/phone, then uncheck Leave a copy on the server.

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