To access, type your site URL in the URL address bar followed by :2082. For example, for Cobourg internet, I would type You will then get a box that asks for a user name and password. You can get these from me, in fact I usually give them to new customers when they first get their site. Otherwise, ask!

This accesses your Control panel and to access statistics, go to Metrics then click on the Awstats Icon. You’ll then get another screen – most people will have only one domain - then click on the little icon under “view”. You then get the Statistics page. At the top is the last day/time when statistics were updated. This occurs every 4 hours. There is then a box where you can choose the month and year – it defaults to the current month. Below that is a summary.

  • Unique visitors – the number of visitors in the month – each visitor is counted only once per month.
  • Number of Visits – the total number of visitors – includes multiple visits by anyone
  • Pages – the number of pages visited in the month – typically each visitor will go to more than one page.
  • Hits – the number of items – e.g. each page might have a couple of pictures, a format file and more. This is very misleading and best ignored.
  • Bandwidth – the amount of traffic or Bytes per month. If you have large photos or videos, these will take more bandwidth than text pages. Your site capacity is limited so use this to see if you need to upgrade. It resets at the end of each month. The minimum host plan allows 2GB, the business plan allows 20GB. But I will warn you if you are about to have a problem.  The numbers in this case show the bandwidth required for the files selected - if the visitor does not complete the download, it still counts.  For an accurate measurement, go to the separate Bandwidth icon (separate to Awstats).

The next item shows these numbers by month for the year to date. Below that are the numbers by the day of the current month. If you want a different month, go to the selection box at the top of the page. Next are days of the week and Hours of the day.

The next several sections show where the traffic comes from:

  • By Country
  • By Host – these are identified by IP number which may not mean much by themselves – you can get some idea of the owner (e.g. sympatico, china, etc) by entering the IP address in a box at this site:
  • Robots/Spiders visitors – See how often Google and others have visited
  • Visits duration – how long does each visitor stay?
  • File type – picture or text or what? – not much help
  • Pages – URL – which pages were most popular? Usually the home page (index.php, index.htm or simply /) is the most popular
  • Operating Systems – Windows, Mac, Linux etc
  • Browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox etc
  • Connect to site from – did visitors come from a search engine or did they just type in the address or did they come from another site.
  • Search key phrases and words – what words did they type into Google (etc) to find your site?

The only thing you cannot find out is the names of visitors!

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