Login to web mail by entering the following URL: www.<your domain>:2095 e.g. www.cobourginternet.com:2095 (Substitute 2096 for secure webmail) - You can also use www.<your domain>/webmail e.g. www.cobourginternet.com/webmail

You will get a screen asking for user name and password. In this case, the user name is the full email address and the password is the email password for that address. If you don’t have this, contact me. But it was needed to set up this email account!

The next screen offers several choices – I normally use Round Cube – but they all work.

Note that from this screen, you can also access Forwarding and auto-responders to manage these for your own email.  Forwarding allows your email to be copied and sent to another address.  Auto-responders allows you to set up vacation responses or any email that you want sent when someone emails you.

Note that when using Web mail, when you delete mail it goes into “trash” which is a recycle bin. Or if you do not delete, it will be available when you login to your email using Outlook (or other email client). The content of your online mail box including trash and “sent mail” adds to your total quota which is 250MB for most people.  You should empty the trash periodically.

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