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About a year ago, hosting for Cobourg Internet clients was divided onto two servers. One housed long time paying clients ( and the other housed supported clients and a few others ( Both have now been running smoothly for at least 6 months. It takes a while for Microsoft to accept that a new server does not originate spam emails and for hackers to realize that the servers have decent firewalls.

But now, Cobourg Cloud has been transferred to Interpool operated by Gerry Freymann. The Portfolio page has been adjusted accordingly. Cobourg Internet clients on server are not affected by this change. All clients have been notified individually – Gerry will now provide support and bill for time, domain renewals and hosting.


That is, all sites now have an encryption certificate and can be accessed with the https prefix.  For example:   The padlock icon will show with the tooltip: “Verified by CPanel Inc.”   The encryption certificate is supplied by Comodo under an arrangement with CPanel.  Certificates are automatically upgraded as required and also apply to any domain alias being used.  There is no cost to users, provided you have CPanel enabled on your site, which you do.

We hear on the news media that Russia is accused of trying to interfere with the U.S. election.  I can't speak to that and I don't know if it's state sponsored but hackers from Russia and to some extent nearby states such as Ukraine, Latvia etc - have certainly increased their attempts to hack into the server housing Cobourg Internet.

Starting in August 2015, Cobourg Internet's single server was split into two servers - or rather, the sites were distributed amongst two servers.  One server ( housed most clients and the other ( housed and all the personal and "supported" sites.  The reasons were to do necessary operating software upgrades and to improve the reliability.   The new servers were both VPS's, that is, Virtual Private Servers, but unfortunately the initial configurations were inadequate.  Due to slow support by the server supplier (Hostgator), this took a while to fix.  Again unfortunately, the VPS for CobourgInternet turned out to have overload problems so a new supplier and dedicated server was sourced.  All those sites have now been moved to this new server called

Hosting by Cobourg Internet is provided using two Servers: and and all “supported sites” are on and all paying clients are on

On April 8, was offline for about 18 hours due to a mistake on the part of the hosting provider (Hostgator) and made worse by their slow support repairing the mistake.  The server was eventually back online at 6:20pm.

Separately, the flagship site had experienced intermittent loss of service.  It was not actually offline but instead was extremely busy – by a factor of 4 or more overload.  This does not make a lot of sense since it often happens at slow times like 5:00am.   I therefore moved and supported sites to a new server at a different provider which has proved to be much better,  The new one is provided by Codero. users have since been OK where they are, but if not, there is an alternative supplier!


New Servers

The change to new servers is now complete – the original server has now been shut down and everyone is on a new server.   The reason for the change was because of the need to upgrade some fundamental software used on servers that could only be done by “migrating” or “starting again”.  But while I was doing that, I decided it would be best to separate clients into two groups.  Each group has a separate server and operates fully independently from the other.  The two groups are as follows:

If you are using the new server, CobourgCloud, you may need to change your email settings as described here.  Note that these settings are somewhat changed from previously. 


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