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For April 22 up to about 10pm, a typical business weekday, the emails processed were as follows:

Processed 1,453 68.1MB
Clean (no spam or Virus) 1,010 69.5%
Viruses 4 0.3%
Top Virus Email.Trojan-482  
Blocked files (dangerous content) 3 0.2%
Spam (mid-level – labelled as spam) 66 4.5%
High-scoring spam (blocked) 323 22.2%

I recently lowered the threshold for spam so that more is getting blocked and more is getting labelled as spam.  I also increased the number of blacklist services used which helps identify spam.  Some emails were also manually blacklisted because they were common abusers.

In addition, a hacker was using an email account belonging to one of Cobourg Internet’s clients to send spam.  That has also now been stopped.  Criminals who send spam are a scourge of the internet – comparable to pirates on the high seas.  The bad news is that they cause a tremendous amount of extra work for people who continually have to work to stop them.  The good news is that they therefore provide employment!

Sorry about the 22% of spam that you still have to deal with – unfortunately, some people get more spam than others.  I guess the spammers like you!

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