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In my short description of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I mentioned that Google does tell web designers how to improve their search engine results. One of the things they said was that incoming links from quality sites helps your ranking. But they are now de-emphasizing that and instead saying that good quality content is the most important thing.

They produced a video (see below) which spells out the most common mistakes:

  1. Have a web site! And make sure it is crawlable. That is, it must be possible to get from page to page with easy accessible links, The right kind of menu will do this (e.g. not Flash). Or in some cases, a footer menu can be used.
  2. Include the right words on the page – that is, words that users might type. Not “Mount Everest Elevation” but “How high is mount Everest?”
  3. Don’t focus on Link Building but on “compelling words on the page” – think about why people want to use your website.
  4. Use the right title and description. Title is the text at the very top of your page. It will be used in a bookmark and as the title of your Google search result. Description is hidden text that will most likely be used to describe the page in the Google search result. If it is chosen well, then when people see search results, they are more likely to choose your site. This is especially true of your home page.
  5. Web designers should listen to advice from Google and others on how to make good sites. There are lots of ways to learn.

Anyway, watch the video yourself.

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