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Hosting Price change

You are probably aware that the Canadian dollar has suffered a significant reduction in its value against the American dollar.  Because hosting by Cobourg Internet is sourced from a major "cloud" company in the U.S., my costs are in U.S. dollars.  Therefore, prices for Cobourg Internet hosting will be increased effective September 30.

The new prices will be:
Standard/Basic plan: $9 per month - billed annually at $108 (was $96).
Prime/Business plan: $11.50 per month - billed annually at $138 (was $126).
Elite plan:  $23 per month - billed annually at $276 (was $252).

You will see the change at your next invoice - October 1st or later.  September 1st invoices will be at current rates.  Domain pricing and the hourly rate are not affected.

Part of the service you get with hosting is an assurance that your hosting is secure and that software and hardware are updated to the latest versions and capability.

Recently some software on the server was updated but the main Operating System software (Linux Centos and Apache) must also be upgraded in the next several months to a year or so.  This will involve a migration to a new server which will require coordination with each user.  Cobourg Internet is committed to keeping all software at the latest stable revision as well as providing optimum hardware.  Likewise backup methods can be and will be improved as cloud technology allows.

The above went in an email to existing clients on August 9, 2015.

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