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New Servers

The change to new servers is now complete – the original server has now been shut down and everyone is on a new server.   The reason for the change was because of the need to upgrade some fundamental software used on servers that could only be done by “migrating” or “starting again”.  But while I was doing that, I decided it would be best to separate clients into two groups.  Each group has a separate server and operates fully independently from the other.  The two groups are as follows:


For clients who have commissioned Cobourg Internet to build, maintain and operate their web site.

If you suspect you are locked out of your site or that the server is down, go to this site:  If it does not respond quickly then yes – you are either locked out or the server is down (see below for more on being locked out).  You can see the history of uptime for your server on this page: (bottom of the page).  The same page shows the server specifications.


Includes and other sites that I maintain personally on a cost recovery basis.   There is a list of these sites under the heading “supported organizations” on the home page of   The “test site” is

Site Monitoring

To make sure I know immediately if there are problems with a server, I subscribe to the Monitis service. This checks each server every minute for a connection and lets me know if there is a problem.  Quite often, the connection for one of the three locations fails but not the others.  This points to an Internet problem – if the server were down, all three connections would fail simultaneously.  Notification emails are received on my phone as well as my desktop.

Site Backups

Independently of which server a site is hosted on, backups are done as follows:

  1. All sites are backed up weekly as part of server backups done by the Server Centre.   These would only be used in the event of a major problem affecting the whole server.
  2. All Joomla and WordPress sites that I have installed are backed up automatically to my Drop Box account.  Frequency is at least weekly and depends on how often the site is updated.  Clients that are “hosting only” and install their own content should do their own backup.   If they wish to use the automatic weekly backup, they should contact me.
  3. Backup content for HTML only sites (non-Joomla or WordPress) is always available on my computer.  The hard disk is backed up daily to two separate hard drives.


Each server has a comprehensive security package and this bans access from hackers who try to login to CPanels, upload with FTP, or otherwise attempt to damage the server.   If the hacker persists and (e.g.) tries to login 10 times in 15 minutes but is unsuccessful, the IP address of that person is “permanently banned”.   The ban will last for a month or two but I can remove the ban before then if necessary.  If you inadvertently trigger a ban, contact me. 

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