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Starting in August 2015, Cobourg Internet's single server was split into two servers - or rather, the sites were distributed amongst two servers.  One server ( housed most clients and the other ( housed and all the personal and "supported" sites.  The reasons were to do necessary operating software upgrades and to improve the reliability.   The new servers were both VPS's, that is, Virtual Private Servers, but unfortunately the initial configurations were inadequate.  Due to slow support by the server supplier (Hostgator), this took a while to fix.  Again unfortunately, the VPS for CobourgInternet turned out to have overload problems so a new supplier and dedicated server was sourced.  All those sites have now been moved to this new server called

When I set up a new server, I install the ConfigServices firewall and Mailscanner and over a period of some weeks make sure that all the settings are optimum.  You can see the specifications for both servers here.  In addition, because these are new servers, anti-spam services (notably by Microsoft) are very suspicious and are quick to ban emails from them.  This requires that I contact Microsoft and others to explain that my clients are not spammers and let them know what measures I am taking to ensure this.

This is now all behind us and both servers have now been operating well for several months.  You can expect the current level of service to continue since any new sites will go on NetCobourg (which is running at about one quarter capacity) and no new sites will be added to CobourgCloud.
To ensure that both servers are up all the time, I subscribe to Monitis which checks each server every minute from 3 geographic locations and lets me know immediately there is a downtime.   That's how I know that all is well.  You can see this yourself for Cobourg Cloud on this page.

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