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That is, all sites now have an encryption certificate and can be accessed with the https prefix.  For example:   The padlock icon will show with the tooltip: “Verified by CPanel Inc.”   The encryption certificate is supplied by Comodo under an arrangement with CPanel.  Certificates are automatically upgraded as required and also apply to any domain alias being used.  There is no cost to users, provided you have CPanel enabled on your site, which you do.

It’s not that the sites were not secure previously since they were (and still are) protected by a firewall – but now they are encrypted, there is another layer of security.   Another benefit is that Google has said it will give higher rankings to secure sites.

In addition to https for site access (including admin access for CMS sites based on Joomla or WordPress), CPanel access can also be secure using the suffix (port) 2083 instead of 2082. (e.g. access using  Likewise, webmail access will now go to port 2096.  e.g. if you access with you will end up at  instead of 2095

As you might expect, you can now also encrypt your emails.  To do this, you need to change your email settings – the following are specifically for Outlook but also apply to other email programs.

Under More settings>Advanced

  • Check “This server requires an encrypted connection”.  This will change your POP3 Port to 995 (from110).
  • The outgoing (SMTP) port is 465
  • For “Use the following type of encrypted connection” choose SSL.
  • All other settings are unchanged.

Note that access using non-secure is also still available so there is no need to do anything differently unless you want to.

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