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Not everyone uses email on their site – you can have a forwarder or a regular email account. A forwarder simply takes an incoming email and sends it to the account you name. Cobourg Internet's Servers do no spam or virus checking and it does not impact your site storage limit.

But if you have a regular account, as well as receiving emails, you can send from it. Although an amazing amount of spam still gets through, viruses and the worst spam do not. Spam catchers work by spotting the heavy sell job in most spam as well as their tendency to include lots of links. They also get suspicious if words like Viagra are used.

When your browser looks at a page, it saves a copy in cache to make it quicker to open the page next time.

Periodically (mostly daily), it will check to see if the page has changed and it will then get a new copy. But if the page has been changed before it checks, then it won't see the new version. To fix this, press Refresh - sometimes called Reload or other things. The F5 key will also do this function. In addition, the server will often save a copy into server cache which is there for the same reason - to save the ISP's server going all the way back to the site server to get a new copy. To refresh that, you would have to press CTRL F5!

Sometimes, the change has only been in formatting which is often (but not always) stored in a separate file (a .css file) and the page will look weird although it will have all the text and images. Again, refresh to fix this problem.

If you are really fed up with Spam, there is only one method to stop it.  There was a time that I offered Box-Trapper but it was not sophisticated enough and there was so much bouncing back and forth of verification emails that it threatened to crash the server.  Not good.  The current Mailscanner service is not bad - a lot of bad spam never gets to you but a lot more is marginal so you still see it.  You can configure most email programs to put emails labeled {Spam} into a junk-mail folder but that's still a nuisance.  Spammers keep finding new ways to fool the filters.

There are two ways you can manage the email on your account:

  1. Ask me to do it
  2. Do it yourself

If you are hosted on the Cobourg Internet Server, you have the ability to set up email accounts. If you have a
standard/basic account, you can have up to 10 emails and the business account can have up to 100. This does
not include forwarders which are unlimited.

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