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Ever since Zellers closed its doors on March 30 this year, there has been speculation about what will take its place.  I don't know when it first appeared, but now, the mall has posted some plans that give an indication of what will happen.

It appears it will simply be an extension of the mall.  More of the same and no large anchor like Zellers was (see update below).  Below are photos of what they have posted on the wall at the closed entrance from the Mall.  I would read this to say that they plan 8 units: 2 (at the entrance) would be stores and the others would be businesses that need a large space but not necessarily retail.  One would have access only from the outside -  down near Staples.

There is no word on who the tenants might be [see update below] but this at least signals the intent. However, the shape of the units plus the fact that only some say T.B.A.  implies that some have been leased.  Let's hope so.

Northumberland Mall extension

 Northumberland Mall Signage

Update September 29, 2013

A recent update by the Mall management to store owners said that the new tenants included:

  1. A consolidation of the 3 health clinics in Cobourg - the one currently in the mall, the one on Burnham street and the one on King street.
  2. Shopper's Drug - in addition to the downtown location.  Should do well given item 1.
  3. Big Lots - brand-name close outs and bargains -  In 2011 they bought Liquidation World and in 2012, they had 36 stores in Ontario. 

Occupy date would be approx June 2014.

Update October 16, 2013

There are persistent rumours that

  • Shopper's Drug is in fact moving its store, not opening another one in Cobourg.
  • Since Big Lots owns Liquidation World, it's expected that the existing Liquidation World store in downtown Cobourg (1 King St. East) will close when the Big Lots store opens at the mall.

Update November 22, 2013

Gail Rayment (in her wonderful newsletter) advises that the Shopper's Drug store at the Mall will be an addition and not a move.

Update December 8, 2013

Big Lots has announced that they are closing their Canadian Operations so they will not be occupying any space in the Mall.  See full story hereThanks Al for tip.

Update January 30, 2014

Although not in the Zellers space, Sears is also at the Mall.  It would be a bigger problem if Sears closed and they are in fact downsizing but not in Cobourg.  Recent reductions in staff were initially said to not affect the Cobourg store but the latest info is that both the Cobourg and Peterborough stores will be affected with reductions in middle management but not front line staff.

Update January 31, 2014

As of this week, the scenario per the Sept 29 update above is still happening.  The Shopper's Drug Mart store and the Doctors' clinic are counting on synergy with each other.  Shopper's will have a strong focus on medical appliances - wheelchairs, walkers etc.  Another similar store is in Peterborough.  The Big Lot's store won't be happening but another (unannounced) store will fill their slot.  Dates are not firm yet.

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