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Not really news since this has been "coming" for a few months.  But the Boundary Commission has now released its final report and we can be sure that the next Federal election will be fought with new boundaries.  Perhaps even the Provincial election if they hold off for about a year.  In public hearings, many speakers (including me) spoke strongly of the need to keep Northumberland together. The commission listened so the Riding is centred on Northumberland.  To the North, there is the addition of the south end of Peterborough county and to the West, the addition of the east end of Clarington.  It will be called Northumberland Pine-Ridge.

The official description is as follows:

Northumberland-Pine Ridge Commission's Report

(Population : 107,840)

Consisting of:

  1. the County of Northumberland;
  2. that part of the County of Peterborough comprised of the townships of Asphodel-Norwood and Otonabee-South Monaghan; and
  3. that part of the Regional Municipality of Durham comprised of that part of the Corporation of the Municipality of Clarington lying easterly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the southerly limit of said municipality with the production of Cobbledick Road; thence northerly along said production and Cobbledick Road to Highway No. 401; thence westerly along said highway to the production of Darlington-Clarke Townline (Regional Road No. 42); thence northerly along said production, Darlington-Clarke Townline and its intermittent production to Concession Road 10; thence generally westerly along said road to Regional Road No. 20; thence generally northerly along said road to Darlington-Manvers Townline; thence generally northerly along said townline to the northerly limit of said municipality.

Below is a Map (click to enlarge).


This will mean the Riding loses the city of Quinte-West including Trenton and the Air Force base.  It makes it more rural (good for Conservatives) yet has no military population so better for Liberals/NDP.  Should be an interesting election.

Update 21 June 2014

A bill was passed June 19, 2014 that changed the name of this new riding to Northumberland-Peterborough South.  This was decided by the last group that was required to approve the new boundaries - a House of Commons committee (group of MPs) from all parties in all provinces and in the affected Ridings.  The name better reflects the fact that a large portion of the new Riding is in fact in Peterborough South.


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