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We all know that downtown is being studied with a view to revitalizing it but what about the rest of Cobourg? Spring street was recently smartened up but another project has not happened; that’s the planned reworking of the intersection at the No-Frills plaza. This badly needs to be fixed – I nearly rear-ended a car that stopped suddenly after turning north from Munroe street into Division street. Looks like it will be next year or maybe it has died? But recently approved or about to be approved in Cobourg are three property developments:

  • At the top end of Division street, there was an Olco station that had a large propane tank and few customers. It shut down a few months ago (or was it longer?) Anyway, the current owners have now applied to put in a new gas station, convenience store and then in phase 2, a drive through restaurant. No mention of what gas company or restaurant company or when work would start although there has already been some work on the site.
  • It was not that long ago that Canadian Tire moved out of where Staples is now and built their new building on the land formerly occupied by Charley Wilson’s Farm. (Did you know that John Joynt painstakingly disassembled the Wilson farm house, stored it for a year then reassembled it to make a beautiful “heritage” home on a hill in Cold Springs? See also the story of a C46E that landed at the Wilson farm.) Anyway, Canadian Tire used only half of the land and now they are wanting to sever the land for use by a developer. You can bet they have a developer in mind. So the land south of Elgin and west of Canadian Tire will be developed – probably for housing but maybe commercial - in the next year or so.
  • Three years ago a developer asked permission to build up to 216 “units” on the Southwestern corner of Elgin and Brook Rd. Nothing has happened in that time but they now want an extension. They are hoping for a start in the Spring of 2014 – that’s only six months away.

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