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Was it an apparition? Was Marie Dressler coming back for her birthday celebration?  Did she like the idea of a street being named after her?  Who was that anyway who made an appearance at Dressler house on Thursday, Oct 3rd?  Maybe she's unhappy that a dredging machine was named after her - was that a comment on her size?  But no, she's known to have a sense of humour so that can't be why.  I'm sure she'd be happy that the Town has declared November 3, Marie Dressler day - very close to her actual birthday - and there's a celebration in Cobourg on that day for her birthday.

Our eagle eyed reporter/photographer (Rick Miller) managed to catch some photos of her - see below.

Marie Dressler1? Marie Dressler2 Marie Dressler3

The actor is Ernie; makeup by Firehall Theatre staff.

But Marie Dressler fan Barbara Garrick is convinced that she's wanting to draw your attention to The Marie Dressler Birthday Celebration which is set for Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 at the C. Gordon King Centre.

Barbara writes:

Tugboat AnnieBirthday cake and tea will be served at 1:30 p.m. after which Antonio Sarmiento will introduce the Dressler hit film TUGBOAT ANNIE (1933 ) with the question 'Did Dressler save Hollywood?' The celebration will end with draws including breakfast for two at the Buttermilk Café and the Dutch Oven; lunch for two at the Oasis Bar and Grill and a VIP Tour of Victoria Hall with dessert for four at Meet at 66 King East. Tickets are $8.00 at the door (or is it a suggested donation?).

The TUGBOAT ANNIE role made Dressler a household name and Americans came to Cobourg searching for her birthplace. Lenah Field Fisher saw an opportunity and opened the Dressler House Restaurant in 1937 and the elegant dining establishment became a stopping place for travelers on Highway number two en route from Toronto to Montreal. When the fire of 1989 threatened to bring an end to this wonderful landmark, The Marie Dressler Foundation was formed to save the architectural gem. The Dressler Scholarship and Vintage Film Festival followed.

Through the mists of time one is challenged to realize that on November 9, 1868 a very remarkable girl was born here and took her first steps to stardom on our very own front street. When Dressler was at the height of her Hollywood fame and the highest paid star she was often asked about her birthplace. Dressler readily replied, "Cobourg, Canada."

Do come and join us as we celebrate Dressler's talent, determination and her incredible success in the midst of the Great Depression.

More on Marie here.

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