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The Town of Cobourg Marina will be hosting an open house on Saturday, October 19 to gather public feedback on how well they are doing and if they should expand.  Currently, there is a waiting list for dock slips for seasonal boaters with 127 available.  (I think that means they are there for the summer).  Another 70 are allocated to transient boaters ( I think that means they only stay a few days).  This would seem to indicate that an expansion is required!

The Marina manager, Paul Gauthier, plans to use feedback to help decide if the marina should be expanded and if boaters have any other feedback on operations.

Marina Open houseThe Cobourg Marina Open House will take place at the Cobourg Yacht Club from 4 to 6 p.m.  Proposed concepts for the expansion will be on display and available for review.

Once input from the open house has been received the final report will be presented by Bill Watson, Director of Public Works to Council at a date to be determined.



Update, October 19, 2013

The meeting was well attended (see photo above right); the proposed Marina expansion was shown in a display on an easel (see photos below) and a questionaire was handed out.


3 Phase Project to be completed over 2 OR 3 years starting 2014

Proposed Marina ExpansionPhase I
Reposition F Dock
Add 32 slip G Dock
Gas Dock improvements
Consultant review of Phase II plan

Phase II
Upgrade electrical and water capacity in order to service Phase III
Expand parking facilities
Boat storage expansion
Purchase boat handling equipment
Addition of dedicated boat lifting well

Phase III
Add 120 slips off Center Pier

The proposed expansion would be funded through a debenture to be fully repaid from user fees.

Port Hope Yacht Club
The possible Port Hope Yacht Club relocation requirements have been taken into account. It is believed that the timing of this model will accommodate the relocation project should it come to pass. If the scope of the relocation project should change the model may need to be adjusted but this is doubtful. [Not written or displayed but a helpful bystander explained: The Port Hope Harbour is expected to be dredged to remove low level Radioactive waste.  This will mean the boats moored there will have to go somewhere else.]

Customer Satisfaction Survey - October 19, 2013

Marina Facilities Excellent Good No Opinion Fair Poor
How would you rate customer service at the Marina          
How would you rate Cobourg Marina regarding Safety/Security          
  Boat Operation/Navigation          
  Existing Docks/Utilities          
What is your opinion on using paperless communication          
What is your opinion of the proposed marina expansion          
What do you think the impact will be on downtown businesses          

Please list any ideas for improvemnets to the marina facilities or operations:

Please share any other comments or concerns you have:


The expansion seems OK - if we must have an expansion.  But it leaves less room for manoeuvering of the Coast Guard Boat and for boats going to the fueling dock.


Nov 18, 2013

A recommendation from staff to the Committee of the whole meeting is as follows:

That Council accept the Proposed Cobourg Marina Expansion Plan and approve $400,000 in funding to complete Phase I of the proposed 3 Phase expansion plan. Staff will bring a report to council in mid 2014 providing further details and requesting approval for additional funding to complete Phase II & Ill of the expansion plan.

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