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Cobourg Council is getting ready for the 2014 Municipal Election on October 27, 2014.  The campaign starts Jan 2, 2014 and the (laudable) intent is to use phone and Internet voting  to supplement paper voting.  But in the Council correspondence in the Agenda for the Committee of a whole meeting on Monday Nov4, there are some numbers quoted from the last election by the planned contractor for the technology, Intelivote Systems Inc.  They look good but I assume there’s a misprint – otherwise nobody used a paper ballot.

The following is in the council memo here.

The final election statistics received from Intelivote Systems Inc. for the 2010 Town of Cobourg Municipal Election provided the following information:

Number of Electors: 13,747    
Number of Electors Voted: 6,506   47.3% participation rate
Voters using Internet: 5,282 81% average time to vote 1 min 57 sec
Voters using the Phone: 1,224 19% average time to vote 4 min 12 sec
Voters out of Province 86    
Voters from USA 70    
Voters outside North America 20    

The Internet votes (5282) plus the phone votes (1224) add up to 6506 and the percentages add up to 100%.  Did the paper voters really use Internet but did not know it?  Did someone enter their votes for them?  Otherwise where are the paper votes?  I don’t believe it was zero.  Or was the participation rates a lot higher than 47.3% overall and these numbers are only for phone and Internet?   That’s hard to believe too – the range of election participation for Municipal elections is 40 to 60% so an overall number of 47.3% is believable but not zero paper voting.

Assuming this is all an error, I hope we can get a correction and that we can know just how many did vote via Internet and how many by paper.  It also raises questions about the accuracy of the tallying and/or reporting of the voting results.

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