Because of the petition by residents of Pebble Beach, the new sewer proposed by the Town will not go ahead.  It needed two thirds approval and 66 [validated residents] out of 94 voiced their opposition so clearly there is not the required 63 in favour.  The recommendation to the Committee of the whole meeting tonight is that "Council direct staff not to proceed with the construction of sanitary sewers on Glen Watford Road, Pebble Beach Drive and Ravensdale Road, Cobourg."

A letter from Sabine Fischer of 14 Ravensdale Road accompanied the petition and added the following:

We also propose to contact the AGAINST area residents to offer them the opportunity to join a proposed new "Pebble Beach Ratepayers Association" that our volunteer group is in the process of organizing so that all members of that proposed organization will be able to have a voice at City Hall and also be able to be properly informed of Cobourg municipal initiatives through newsletters and their area representatives. This proposed organization will of course take time to put together but we have been told that due to the Town's approach with the proposed sanitary sewer project there is now a strong appetite for an area ratepayers association.

Looks like a bunch of people unhappy with the approach the Town took on this matter.