At Monday's meeting, council approved an extension of access to James Cockburn park by Dog owners until March 31, 2014 and was advised that in the meantime, the GRCA did not plan to send bylaw enforcement officers in to enforce the bylaws requiring leashes.  The status of the plan to use the YMCA property as a replacement "off-leash dog park" should be known at the next meeting when Bill Watson reports to council on the matter. There are three other locations under consideration and it seems unlikely that the YMCA location will be chosen.   There is no information on where these other locations are.

Miriam Mutton "railed" at the slow pace of finding an alternative dog park and the idea that dog owners are a special interest group.  As she said, they are a significant portion of Cobourg's population (" hundreds") and they just want to walk their dogs (and let them run free occasionally).  Miriam wondered if the money collected from dog tags could be assigned to setting up an off-leash dog park and maintaining it.  Subsequent council discussion seemed to agree that the town would pay for setup and maintenance of any such dog-park.

Source: Small Town Radio 89.7


November 29, 2013

On the Agenda for the Council Meeting on Dec 2, staff has recommended that Council vote to defer any decision to implement a Dog Park on the YMCA property adjacent to Oxford Court until a more firm set of criteria are developed.

This is a result of the public meeting reported earlier (Cobourg News)

There are issues seen by staff (Bill Watson) that there are no answers for - at least not yet:

There were also a very large number of written comments by Oxford Court residents and these have obviously had an effect.  See also news about Lease negotiations with GRCA for the James Cockburn park.

The specific recommendation from Staff was:

That Council supports the following recommendations:

The proposal for a dog park on the YMCA property adjacent to Oxford Court be deferred until a comprehensive criteria for a dog park is developed including, but not limited to the questions above, and that this criteria might be useful in the selection process should other properties become available in the future.

 Update Dec 2, 2013

At the meeting of the Committee of the whole council meeting, the above motion was approved.  It seems clear that the whole idea of an off-leash dog-park in  the YMCA property adjacent to oxford Court is now dead.

Update Jan 1 2014

At the Mayor's Levee, Gil Brocanier said that Larry Sherwin had found a suitable place to have a dog park - and 100% acceptable to all!  No further details at this time.