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Paul Hoepfner-Homme of Victory Garden Vegetables keeps 4 hens in his backyard and that is against the rules according to the Town of Cobourg. They have given him till August 19 to get rid of his 4 hens. He said on his web site: “The Town argues that since ‘agricultural use’ is not permitted in Residential Areas, and keeping chickens falls under the category of ‘agricultural use,’ it is not legal for us to keep chickens on our property.”  The chicken coop is on his property at 386 Victoria St. – just south of University Avenue and definitely residential but the property has lots of trees so looks rural.

Chicken CoopBut Paul does not give up easily – he has started a petition and as of today, he has 200 signatures. His particular case seems harmless enough – he has taken precautions to guard against wild life getting at his hens, there are no noisy roosters and he says he “keeps odour issues at bay through scrupulous cleanliness.” I guess the town does not want to make an exception and open a can of worms! He suggests they do a study and work out how he can be accommodated – little chance of that!

He no doubt has the signatures because people like him, because his case is obviously not a problem and because they like to buy his eggs and other "products" like tomatoes and miscellaneous vegetables.  Just like living next door to a market gardener or a farmer.

Cecilia reports that he will present his petition to council next week.

Photo by Cecilia Naismith at Northumberland Today

See additional information at Northumberland News.

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