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Well not everyone in Cobourg was in Plattsburgh on the weekend  but there were quite a number. Each year, Plattsburgh NY has a celebration of the battle of Plattsburgh which was at the end of the war they call the war of 1812-14. The battle was on Sept 11, 1814 and was essentially a draw. But it was enough that the two sides then declared an end to the war and have been friends ever since. It’s clear that Americans in Plattsburgh are very patriotic (like they all seem to be) but also very friendly to Canadians and especially to Cobourg.

Every year, the Cobourg Concert Band is featured in their parade – held this year on Saturday 14 September. The Pipes and drums from the Cobourg legion were also there as well as other Canadian Bands and many floats and bands from Plattsburgh. After the parade, they have music and displays by the bands and finish with three anthems – God Save the Queen, Oh Canada and the Star Spangled banner. This year Cobourg’s Beth Hunt did a great job of leading the crowd.

In the evening, the two Cobourg bands (plus Beth) played to a “sell-out” audience in their newly renovated Strand theatre. Up till last year, Tom Macmillan had been at the head of the Cobourg band but this year he was remembered by a ceremonial handing over of the mace. As well as the bands and Beth Hunt, Cobourg was well represented by our Mayor Gil Brocanier who watched the parade from the VIP stand and spoke to the crowd at the concert. Pete Fisher took lots of photos and I’m sure they will be in the paper in next day or two. Meanwhile here are some to tide you over.

1Mayor-Brocanier-watching-from-the-VIP-stand 2.-Reenactment-soldiers
3.-Reenactment-muskets 4-RCMP-Pipes
5.-There's-always-cute-kids---and-friendly-to-Canada 6-Cobourg-Legion-Pipe-band
7-Cobourg-Concert-band Paul Storms conducting
9-Beth-Hunt-singing-the-anthems 10-Cobourg-Concert-band

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