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The good news is that Antonio Sarmiento is still in the area.  The bad news is that he will make success more difficult for the Park Theatre and also for the Mall Theatre - particularly the non-profit  Northumberland Film Sundays (NFS).  NFS has been showing TIFF movies on Sundays since 2003 and now the Capitol is also showing TIFF films on Sundays - as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They got a grant to help pay for a projector upgrade so the Government is helping them - is that fair?  But although their theatre is rightly described as having an atmospheric ceiling, the acoustics do not suit current movies.  So good picture, poor sound.

Many of us wish Antonio well and we also wish the Capitol every success but why do they have to compete head on with Film Sundays?  Why do they have to show movies on Sundays? Why show the same movies?  There are hundreds to choose from.  The only answer can be that they hope to capture some of the NFS audience.  Why can't they just focus on theatre?  Or if they must show identical movies, show them later for people who missed them at the NFS screening.  Instead they are showing key movies earlier.

Some examples of hitting directly at NFS

Capitol   Much Ado About Nothing  Sunday October 6
NFS Much Ado About Nothing    Sunday November 10
Capitol    Blue Jasmine    Thursday October 10
NFS     Blue Jasmine Sunday October 20

I would have thought that it’s not in Antonio’s interest to antagonize the arts community in Cobourg (well, the Film sub-section of the arts community).

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