The Cobourg Beach Society was founded to promote public access to all of Cobourg's beaches - notably the West Beach where some residents with waterfront properties have barred access.  For the last few years, the Beach Society have had monthly meetings open to the public but this fall they will not be resuming.  Instead, they are conducting meetings "online" at their web site: (now closed down) The first item is to ask for public support for Legislation in the Provincial Parliament to support their efforts.

West-BeachThe Town of Cobourg recognizes the value and has provided a board walk for as much of the West Beach as it legally can but there is still a blockage so that access to Cobourg creek is not possible from the beach. (Photo at right - summer of 2009).

There is a similar problem on Lake Erie and another organization, The Ontario Shorewalk Association, has worked closely with their MPP to table legislation.  But it keeps suffering from lack of priority.  The legislation does not want any confiscation or removal of the legal property rights of existing owners, just that the Public have the right to access the beach along the waterline - and up to the "high water" mark. You can see the proposed bill here:

And now they have started a Petition at which asks the premier to make it a higher priority.

I join the Cobourg Beach Society and the Ontario Shorewalk Association in asking that everyone add their name to the Petition.  You can do so here: Change org Petition