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News Update

April 25

1. Cobourg police reported they were patrolling Cobourg Creek on the Weekend of April 22; some anglers were warned, others were charged. Details here.

2. The next public meeting of the Waterfront project will be at the CCC on May 10 in two sessions: 4 till 6pm and then 7 till 9pm. More here.

3. The first intake of applications for 2017 for CIP loans and grants has now closed; There were 6 applicants. Results will be announced May 8.

4.  There will be an open house of the new Works/Parks Building (Bldg 7 in the Industrial Park) on the afternoon of May 11.


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Latest Comments

  • Mimi said More
    There are also existing accessible washrooms in the Market Building, which may... 24 minutes ago.
  • John Draper said More
    There are accessible washrooms just across Albert at the bus stop. 3 hours ago.
  • Frenchy said More
    I think it can be for both and is designed as such. Not too many people hanging... 3 hours ago.
  • Bruce Bellaire said More
    So, still a parking lot. Parking wins over people once again. 3 hours ago.
  • Elaine said More
    Fabulous! I commend the committee for all their hard work. Let's see it happen! 5 hours ago.
  • Mrs. J. said More
    Looks great, but WHERE are the much needed extra (and may I add accessible)... 5 hours ago.
  • Frenchy said More
    Wally Keeler wrote:
    I've ridden in many a pollution spewer: buses, taxies, trains, planes, etc. But...
    6 hours ago.
  • David Hughes said More
    John. If you're not "knowledgeable at all about sushi" I suggest you don't opine... 8 hours ago.

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