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November will see the start of the 2016 Municipal budget process.  John Henderson announced at last Monday’s Committee of the Whole Council meeting that in November he would be starting weekly meetings with staff and Councilors to work on the budget for 2016.  As a part of this process, he will be asking for submissions from Departments and the public on what should be included.  There will be a chance for organizations to present their case in writing for items to be included in the budget as well as presenting them at a public meeting scheduled for November 2 at 1:00pm in Council Chambers.

The Town today issued a Press Release with full details of the Budget process, public meetings and dates of all meetings. As well as the Public input meeting on November 2, there will be a "Council Budget Scrum" on November 10 from 11:00am to 4:00pm which will "update Council & the public on potential capital projects, special one-time projects & anticipated requests for staffing level changes for 2016/future years."  Following that there will be five closed meetings of Staff and Councillors.  A draft budget will be released online on Febriuary 9, 2016.  The Budget is then scheduled to be approved March 2016.

Download the full Press Release with more detail here.

As well as the budget process with public input (I believe that’s new), John Henderson also announced that the long awaited report on Governance will be presented at a public meeting on November 30th at 7:00pm. That’s where the council decides whether they should continue with the Coordinator system. More here

There will be a press release of some kind on this too.  Any change would be effective in the new year.

Another report expected in November is the business plan for the CIVIC - Community Improvement Venture Corporation.  This would be an arms length corporation that would be setup to encourage and finance renovations to downtown buildings.  The Town would contribute some seed money but most cash would be borrowed at the Town’s favourable interest rate and then loaned at a slightly higher rate.  The details of the plan were presented to the council in the summer – more here.

Update - October 28

The formal notice has been issued for the public meeting for Budget submissions.  It will be on November 2, 2015 at 1:00pm in the Council Chambers.

The notice says that "all persons addressing the public meeting to state their name and address for the official record of the public meeting, to provide written comments and to limit presentations to 15 minutes.  Further "Individuals or Organizations wishing to make submissions" should provide "written comments ….  to the Municipal Clerk either in advance of or at the meeting for the record."



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