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CAO Stephen Peacock reports that on October 23, he and Mayor Gil Brocanier attended a meeting of interested people to promote the extension of GO services east of the present system.  At the meeting were representatives from Durham to Northumberland from education, municipalities, provincial and federal gov'ts, development businesses, County and Cobourg staff as well as MPP Lou Rinaldi, MP Kim Rudd and Port Hope Mayor Sanderson.  There were more than 60 people in attendance.

GO TransitStephen reports that the following conclusions resulted:

  • There was support from everyone at the table for this extension
  • It was agreed that the study area should take into consideration contributing areas beyond the Durham Region.
  • The route outlined in the EA (sic) is to be on the North side of 401 through Durham to allow trains to pass through the populated areas of the region. This would allow community multi-mode transportation hubs that would be accessible by means other than vehicular traffic.
  • Approximately 8 years ago a business case was provided to the province that did not support the extension of the GO system.
  • As a first step, Metrolinx, who provides recommendations on extensions, requires a feasibility study/business case to justify the expansion of the system.
  • Cost of the study has been estimated at $150,000.00.
  • No extension will occur without a satisfactory feasibility study/business case.
  • Some land issues still remain but the group indicated solutions are available.
  • Contributions are requested from all municipalities wishing to be part of the process.

In his letter to Council, Stephen reported that in summary, it was felt that the first step in moving forward would be the preparation of a feasibility study/business case that would justify the expansion of the GO system eastward. It was felt to be in Cobourg's best interests to be part of the process to ensure consideration of the need of its citizens.

A contribution of $2000 (to the $150,000) on behalf of the Town of Cobourg would allow Cobourg to be part of the process and be included in the study area so he is recommending that this amount be approved.

Download Stephen Peacock’s memo

Addendum - Nov 16, 2015

The contribution of $2,000 was formally approved at the Council meeting on November 16, 2015

Addendum - Feb 26, 2016

The 2016 Provincial Budget included an announcement that Go train service would be extended to Bowmanville. But the change will not be anytime soon.since it will be "subject to agreements with rail freight carriers" and "subject to environmental assessments negotiations with C-N and C-P Rail and possible construction of new track ".

Bowmanville is the current terminus of Go Bus service so it is hoped that with the Rail service being extended, Go Bus will provide service onwards to Port hope and Cobourg.


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