At the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday Nov 9, staff are recommending two decisions – parking at Metered Accessible parking spaces and a new policy on allocation of parking permits.  The council is clarifying policy but not providing exemptions for the disabled.  It seems that in some jurisdictions, parking at meters is free if you have an “Accessible Parking Permit”.  This already gets special locations and extra space but in Cobourg, you still have to pay.  Separately but at the same Council meeting, a new policy on parking permits is proposed and it includes a list of current Parking Permit exemptions – first time I’ve seen that!

Blue MeterIn September, in response to a letter from a citizen asking to be exempt, the town referred the matter of free parking with an Accessible Parking permit to the Accessibility Advisory Committee and they recommended that the Town make improvements:

  • Install blue coloured meters to identify Accessible Parking Meter Spaces (picture at right) - the cost would be requested in the 2016 budget.
  • Install stickers on the meters with wording indicating payment is required; and
  • Install signage at Pay and Display Lots indicating that persons with Accessible Parking Permits are still required to pay for parking.

A separate issue of exemptions came up because of a letter to Council by Dawn Forster on Feb 15, 2015.  Dawn and her husband Scott live on Third Street and now that meters are installed, there is a problem with the “personal care workers” who visit and look after Scott.  She requested a pass for these workers that would allow them to park for extended periods at the meters.  Although Dawn is willing to pay for a pass, she wanted it to apply to meters – seems the personal care workers don’t want to walk from the lot behind the liquor store.

The Town already offers day, monthly and annual passes for several lots around town (Parking lot details are here) and now there is a policy up for approval that spells out the details. Town staff recommend the adoption of the new policy and that “a copy of the policy be sent to Scott and Dawn Forster …. advising that the request for a parking pass be respectfully declined based on the newly adopted 'Parking Permit' Policy.”

Apart from spelling out the passes available and their fees, the policy also says:

If a group, organization or an individual wishes to have a reduced fee for a parking permit, they must make a formal request for an exemption to Municipal Council for a decision. Existing Parking Permit exemptions are attached as Schedule "A" to this by-law. Any increase or new requests for parking permits shall be approved by Municipal Council at the request of the group/organization.

Download the proposed new policy here.

Schedule A


User Groups/Organizations

Name of Group/Org # of Passes Restrictions
Lawn Bowling Club 50 Valid on Church/Queen Street Only
Church Street Residence 15 Valid on Church Street Only
Farmers Market 25 Third Street Lot
Senior Pass 20 Victoria Square lot and (2) Third Street Lot
Codeman's 5 (3) Centennial Pool Lot Only (2) McGill
YMCA Lifeguards 25 McGill Street Lot
Marina - Yacht Club 25 Marina Lot Only
Marina - Dragon Boat and Canoe Club 25 Marina Lot Only


Addendum November 16, 2015

Both by-laws were approved at the Regular Council meeting on November 16, 2015


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