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On November 4, 2015, the plan was reviewed for progress to date and adjustments of action dates for the current Strategic Plan.  From this we can see when some of the initiatives are expected to be completed.  The review will be presented to the Committee of the Whole meeting on November 30.   The review provides a good insight into Council plans for the next year.  Below is a summary of key actions. The focus is on items for 2015/2016.

1. Ensuring open, clear and timely communications.

  • New Web site - RFP has been issued and awarded – rollout is expected in the summer of 2016
  • Broadcast all open meetings of Council. An implementation plan to be developed Dec. 2015 with launch Feb. 2016
  • Public Meeting Policy. Present Policy to Council and Citizens for input and then adoption in early 2016

2. Support the preservation and enhancement of the Town's arts, culture and heritage

  • Put in Place CIP (allows incentives to be used) - early 2016
  • Put in Place CIVI (provides finance to renovate) - early 2016
  • Develop Cultural Master Plan – September 2016
  • Complete and implement Cobourg's Heritage Master Plan – summer 2016
  • Review and update the plan for Victoria Square. Develop a comprehensive study/plan for entire Victoria Square Block.  Prepare plan with estimated costs for plans, consulting, architecture fees, building condition reports – 2017.

3. Promoting diverse economic development opportunities

  • Complete an update of the Town's Economic Development Strategy. Early 2016.
  • Develop a four season tourism strategy - early 2016; Continue current strategies; Develop a tourism project with Port Hope Tourism that encourages overnight visits and year round $ opportunities. 2016

4.  Managing sustainable growth and development

  • Develop an implementation plan for the Parks Master Plan, including the waterfront. Dec 2016
  • Implement the Cobourg Waterfront Strategic Plan as noted in the Parks Master Plan.  Dec. 2016
  • Review future uses of Tannery property – Tannery master plan summer 2016 then put property on market for development - Fall 2016

5.  Improving efficiencies and effectiveness in municipal operations

  • Develop I.T. strategic plan – 2016. Develop I.T.  implementation plan - 2017 budget
  • Review and improve the financial performance of the Cobourg Community Centre and the arenas.  Complete utilization report – March 2016.  Complete YMCA/CCC amalgamation option review - Spring 2016
  • Review Town’s Budget setting Process.  Implement for 2016 budget - Fall 2015. Final report on the new format March 2016
  • Maximize the capabilities of the Town's new financial system for more detailed financial reporting. Implement detailed financial reporting (quarterly) - 2016
  • Review the potential to be more proactive and less complaints-driven in our municipal operations.  Review public engagement policy Oct. - Dec. 2015.  Implement public engagement policy Jan. 2016

Note that some items are dependent on Council approval of their related budget requests. Download the full report here.  


Strategic Plan up for approval 14 June 2015
Strategic Plan Comments 20 June 2015


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