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There is a building on the (ex-)Kraft property that is of Heritage interest (it’s listed on the municipal heritage register) but is about to self-demolish by neglect.  The owner was given an "Order to Remedy" by Cobourg’s Chief Building Official on March 21st, 2017 so he hired Pichler Engineering to prepare a structural review and assessment.  The report basically says that the 1500 square foot building is not worth fixing – repairs would cost around $500,000.  It has not been occupied for 10 years with no water, heat or electricity in that time.  As the report details – it’s a mess and the owner is planning to demolish it.  But first, the Heritage Advisory Committee must be consulted.  I suggest they visit and read the report – it’s a no-brainer.

520 WilliamIt’s about 100 years old and from the outside looks not too bad to a layman (photo at right).  it was used as a Food Laboratory – so what are the problems?

  1. The roof is leaking and about to collapse;
  2. The ceiling is also about to completely collapse – already some ceiling tiles have fallen;
  3. There is asbestos in the ceiling tiles that would need to be dealt with;
  4. There is a possible bio-hazard (there is a sign inside to that effect);
  5. The brickwork is cracked;
  6. Concrete beams forming the structural support above the porch are all cracked and imminent failure is to be anticipated.

It’s probably not relevant but the interior is a shambles with debris strewn about – see photos below and Engineer’s report.


The memo to council from Alison Torrie Lapaire gives the following background:

The subject property is a non-designated property that is listed on the municipal heritage register as being of cultural heritage value and interest.

In response to a written complaint submitted to the municipality, an investigation was conducted by the Chief Building Official and an Order to Remedy was issued for the property on March 21 st, 2017 to address non­compliance with the Town of Cobourg's Property Standards By-law 18-99, as amended.

Subsequently, the owner of the property commissioned Pichler Engineering to prepare a structural review and assessment of the subject building. This report, dated August 15th, 2017 is attached to this memo for information [See link to Engineer's report below].

The request for a demolition came from Sidney Spiegel, President of 520 William Inc.  The demolition and removal of the building would be at his cost and would certainly resolve the “order to remedy” issued by the Town. At the regular Council meeting on September 25, Council referred the matter to the Heritage Advisory committee as recommended by Alison.

520 William 520 William



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