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Given the hours that councillors put in, their remuneration is not excessive at a base of around $17,000.  But up until the end of 2018, one third of that is tax exempt – it’s classed as an allowance.  But by the time a new council takes over, that exemption will be gone – thanks to an obscure clause in the last Federal Budget.  The effective salaries will therefore be reduced unless a change is made before then.  At the last Council meeting, Deputy Mayor John Henderson said he was planning an ad hoc committee to look at that and report back by around May of 2018.  If approved, any change would be effective for the next term starting in late 2018.

So what exactly do Councillors get paid now?  As well as basic “salary”, there are also amounts paid for membership of some boards.  The Mayor gets quite a bit more and the Deputy Mayor’s compensation is higher.

Council remuneration

Using 2016 as an example (numbers rounded)

   Mayor Deputy Mayor Councillor
Council $34,700 $21,200 $17,000
County $46,300 (as Warden)
$9,400 (as Cobourg Rep.)
Police Board $4,900   $4,900
Holdco $6,200    
GRCA     $2,500 (est.)
Health Board $500 (est.)    
Total $92,600 (as Warden)
$21,200 $21,900 (Police Bd)
$19,500 (GRCA)

Salaries increase with CPI on July 1st and In addition to cash, there are other benefits:

  • Group Insurance;
  • Non-Union salary benefits excluding retirement;
  • Up to $1000 for loss of wages for conferences, mediation meetings etc; (None claimed in 2016)
  • Parking pass for town parking for Councillors;
  • $1000 car allowance and free parking space for Mayor.

Expenses are also paid based on receipts although the amount per year has not been high.  In 2016, the total of claimed expenses with receipts was $6,800 plus $4,400 for the Mayor’s county expenses.

The Mayor’s job is full-time and councillors can easily get to 40 hours a week based on attendance at committees and public events – Theresa Rickerby found that out the hard way.




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