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On August 21, 2017, Cobourg passed a bylaw to ban parking overnight on streets where out of town fishermen are likely to park.  Today, the Town announced that by-law enforcement and Police would enforce that bylaw with zero tolerance.  Over the last year, there have been public meetings and public discussion on the disturbance to residents near Cobourg Creek and Peace Park.  Local fishermen have said they are not the problem but that some out-of-town fishermen, notably from Quebec, have been causing problems resulting in complaints by nearby residents.  Police today also issued a press release that over the weekend of Sept 15 to 17, in conjunction with MNR they issued 16 charges and 20 warnings “targeting improper fishing”.

The residents’ concerns were reported here, the Public meeting was on March 28, 2017 and reported here and the bylaw details were reported here. As reported here, the problem goes back to this time last year.

Enforcement – Sept 15 thru 17

The Police Press Release said:

In total, 16 charges were laid and 20 warnings were given out.

The charges and warnings were for:

  • FWCA 10(1)(a)-Trespass for the purpose of fishing
  • FWCA 10(1)(b)-Trespass in possession of fishing rod
  • FWCA 66- Fish without having licence on your person
  • FWCA 70(3)- Possess void licence
  • OFR 3(1)(a)- Fishing without a licence
  • OFR 9(1)(a)-Fishing with a hook so as to pierce or hook a fish other than in the mouth
  • LLA 31(2)- Having liquor in open container in other than licensed premises, residence or private place
  • O.Reg663/98 FWCA 6(2)- Fail to notify the Ministry of change of information
  • TPA 2(1)(a)(i)- Enter premises when entry prohibited

Members of the Cobourg Police Service will continue their enforcement efforts this weekend

Action by the Town of Cobourg

The Press Release by the Town said:

The Town of Cobourg in conjunction with the Cobourg Police Service would like to inform the community that as of Friday, September 22 there will be a strict zero tolerance enforcement towards any overnight parking on Tremaine Terrace, Tay Street, Clyde Street, Forth Street and Cedarmere Avenue with particular respect to individuals fishing at night in Cobourg Creek. 

“We continue to receive a lot of complaints regarding noise violations, destruction of property, public drinking and urinaton, littering and so on,” said Mayor Gil Brocanier, Town of Cobourg. “The time has come for a zero tolerance approach to be taken to ensure the continued enjoyment of our community by our residents.” 


Bylaw Enforcement Officers and the Police will be ticketing and towing illegally parked vehicles and other bylaws that are being disobeyed. This is not a one-weekend blitz but part of a renewed and ongoing focus on the strict compliance of the ‘No Parking Anytime’ bylaw within the affected neighbourhood, the Ontario Fishing Regulations and the ‘No Stopping Zone’ on Tremaine Terrace.

Deputy Chief VandeGraaf states, "We have to ensure that our bylaws are being enforced and that private property and the neighbourhood is respected. The signage will be going up this weekend to help us further enforce the no parking at anytime bylaw.”

In addition to banning parking both sides from 11:00pm to 7:00am from March 1 to May 31 and September 1 to November 30 on the listed streets, the new bylaw opens Peace Park 24/7 and provides free parking at 175 Forth Street.

Although citizens are asked to “report a violation (by) contacting the Legislative Services Department at 905-372-4301 or Cobourg Police at 905-372-6821”, it’s good to see some proactive action on this matter.




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