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Emails advising of new posts will direct you to the Cobourg News Blog - that's the new home of Cobourg News.  Posts prior to September 30, 2017 remain on  News here (on Cobourg Internet) is now an archive.  

Note [9 Dec 2019]: It is tentatively planned to remove all news items on this site effective approx January 2020.  This would be concurrent with an upgrade to this site.

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Site Features

See this page for more about this site including its features.

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The comment system on Cobourg News blog is popular but some people have complained about its user friendliness.  There was a technical glitch with it over the last few days – and that was the last straw.  So the Cobourg News portion of Cobourg Internet Site will be moving effective October 1st.  Newsletter subscriptions will continue uninterrupted (as long as there are no teething problems) but people will find it easier to make comments.  Since it’s new to me, there may be fewer photos.  The current location of the News Blog site will be phased out – more below.

Existing Site and Features

  • The full Cobourg Internet site with the popular Entertainment page and extensive information about Cobourg will continue with regular updates and new pages.  Note the recent new page on the Provincial election.  
  • New posts at the current location will continue until the end of September 2017 but after that date, new posts will be at the new site:  There will be easy links to the new location so no-one should get confused.
  • Comments at the existing site (this site) will stay visible until December 31, 2017 and will then go offline (just the comments will).  Posts will not be lost.   Comments with additional information (as distinct from a disagreement with another person’s comment) will be copied to the Post body as an addendum so will not be lost.

New Features

  • Entering comments will be easier:
    • If you don’t enter a user name, you’ll get an error so you can’t make that mistake.  Registering and logging in will be available although not as necessary.
    • Repeat comments will not lose your name/email.
    • Technology used is the most common on the Internet (WordPress) so you won’t have to learn a new system.
  • Search will now include comments.
  • The hits counter counts multiple views by a visitor only once in one day.  This makes it more accurate.
  • Every post has an icon to link to your social media.
  • You can now vote on a comment.
  • Categories (e.g. News for Year 2017) and Tags (Topics) are now grouped better.
  • Spammers are more easily handled and banned ( a benefit to me!).  Note: please don’t use more than 1 link – as a minimum, this will delay publication of your comment.  If spam gets bad, there are more options to tackle it.
  • Hopefully no crashes when software is updated.

You don’t have to remember any of this but I hope you like the improvements.  There will be minor changes in how you make comments but nothing dramatic.  You don’t need to worry about access to the new site, you will either automatically go there or the way to get there will be obvious.

Note that the new site (here is still “under construction” but will be ready to go October 1st. It's in beta test mode.



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