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For information on Cobourg’s Entertainment Scene plus some neat videos (trivia), go here.

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Cobourg News Blog provides current news with a focus on Council, Events and Business but also other major issues.  Comments are welcome.  Go here.

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Covid-19 Virus Update

Cobourg is currently in a State of Emergency with all public events cancelled until September, all public buildings closed to the public, and all non-essential stores closed except for curbside pickup. Most people are working from home, including councillors.  Up to date details on the Covid-19 Status are available here.

About the “Feel Good” town of Cobourg – the undiscovered gem on Eastern Lake Ontario. A popular related site includes the latest Cobourg News, (with comments open).  See what’s happening for entertainment at the site focusing on Cobourg’s Entertainment here – Mostly closed now! This site includes a Video and Photo Album and comprehensive Municipal Information.   For a good overview of Cobourg history, go here.

The name “Cobourg Internet” refers to the fact that this site is on the Internet and is about Cobourg.  It’s also the name of a Computer business in Cobourg that has created a number of web sites.

What’s happening in Cobourg

Special Cobourg (and nearby) Events

  • Highland Games – August 28, 29  – Cancelled in 2020
  • Waterfront Festival – Cancelled in 2020

Cobourg Info

Information on:

  • About Cobourg – why it’s a great place to live and visit, some history, current weather and lots of photos and videos
  • Living in Cobourg – about the Beach, Parks, Day Care, Social Clubs, Walking Tours, Medical Services, Senior’s Activities.
  • Council Information – names of Mayor & Councillors; how to connect with the town.
  • Business in Cobourg – Business friendly and willing to help.
  • Public Town Meetings – meetings called by Council to provide details on projects and budgets and to gather feedback. (Now on News Blog site).
  • Parking – Where to park
  • Transit – Bus routes, timetable and real time tracking map.
  • Taxis – list of taxi companies and contact info
  • Medical Services – Finding medical help in Cobourg
  • Social Activities – Clubs for every social and sporting need – plus organizations wanting volunteers
  • Seniors Activities – what’s happening at the Community Centre for Seniors.

Computer Information

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