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Cobourg's Coat of Arms

The Town’s web site is continually "improved" and the home page certainly looks attractive. But navigation is still heavily dependent on search and this can be frustrating.  The information below tries to help by listing Town web site pages by category and hopefully will help you find what you need.

This page will be updated from time to time.

There are actually four sites with links between them:

  • – The main site
  • Civic Web – a data base with a record of previous meetings and all bylaws.  Lists all meetings, their agendas and Minutes.  Also is where you go to view Council meetings online – see procedure here.
  • Experience Cobourg - Tourism site - good overview of Tourism attractions - new and improved.
  • Downtown Cobourg - operated by DBIA

There is also a related site:

See also the Town's You-Tube site which includes recordings of all meetings held in the Council Chambers - notably Council meetings.  The sound is now good and it even includes sub-titles for the hard of hearing.  Videos are supposed to be deleted after 3 months but that has not yet happened.

Go here.

Guide to the Main Town of Cobourg web site

A listing of selected links grouped by category.


  • The News Centre - includes all sub-categories like Press Releases and Public Notices. 
  • Sign up for a newsletter from the Town - go here.
  • Document Library - includes all documents to do with the 2018 Waterfront Study
  • Tourism Events Calendar - now much improved - focus is mostly on events organised by the Town.
  • Town Events Calendar - dominated by library events
  • Tickets to many Entertainment events in Cobourg (not just Town events) are available at the Victoria Hall Box Office.  Go here.


Social Media

Bylaws and Policies

By-Law Guide book online on Town's site (effective 2018).  Download not available but paper copies are available at Municipal offices in Victoria Hall.  Most info available, including a download, on Cobourg Internet page here.

ByLaw Page on Town's site.

Bylaws Page - on Civic Web page - lists all bylaws and includes:
     Bylaws grouped by year - on Civic Web page
     Bylaws frequently requested - on Civic Web page


(Click heading - above)  grouped by:

  • Council and Advisory Committees
  • Building and Planning Department (although none listed here)
  • Cobourg Marina
  • Corporate Communications
  • Community Services
  • Finance Department
  • Legislative Services Department
  • Administration
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Public Works

Application for Community Grant
Application for permission to hold an outdoor event (e.g. in a park)
Filming in Cobourg
Zoning ByLaws


Advisory Committees

Links to agendas, minutes and how to apply to join when there are vacancies. Many committees publish their minutes only in the meeting schedule which can be found here.
Lists of who is on the committees – not on Town’s web site but listed here.


Senior's Community Centre Schedule
Other Events Sort by choosing the calendar (specifying category) then click search.  Dominated by Library events so is of little value except for Library events.  Also is often very slow to load.  Close to useless.

For Cobourg Events, you can try the Cobourg Internet Calendar here.

Community Clubs and Organizations

The Town has listed a large number of community groups including social clubs, sports clubs, cultural clubs and service clubs.  Go here.


Budgets: The current budgets (2019) are now posted on the Town's web site here
Year End Financial Statements – 2011 to 2017 (That's right, nothing for 2018 yet).


Reports on activities for the previous year.

Holdco Annual Report - June 2018
Holdco Annual report
- June 2017
Holdco Annual report - June 2016
Holdco Annual report - June 2015

Key Documents

Strategic Plan – 2019 - 2022 - Draft only - see News reports here.  Final approved Strategic plan is available on Cobourg Internet site here.
Community Improvement Plan (Downtown) - 2019  - includes application information
Heritage Master Plan (2016)
Vitalization Plan (Downtown) - 2013 - Newsletter referenced is no longer issued.
Parks Master Plan – 2013  
Transportation Plan – 2011  
Official Plan - 2010 (recently fully approved)
Downtown Master Plan - 2016

Applications and Forms

Applications, Licences and Permits
Application for permission to hold an outdoor event (e.g. in a park)
Bids and Tenders
Freedom of Information requests and Routine Disclosure Requests
Nomination for a Civic Award

Business Directory

Business Incentives - list and details of Financial Incentives
DBIA Web site - Downtown Business Improvement Area - lists all downtown businesses - events not listed.


These are not on the Town’s web site but are available from Cobourg Internet embodied in news articles.

Downtown Marketing Plan – 2016
Recreation Strategy Implementation Plan 
CIVI - 2015 - Was on hold pending evaluation of CIP.  Since CIP was deemed successful, CIVI is now dead.
Campus Plan – 2014 - more progress depended on moving YMCA to the CCC but  the YMCA will NOT be moving to the CCC.

Direct links to most of these missing documents on this page.

Other - Search

If you are looking for something on the Town’s web site but can’t find it, the best bet is to use search. Go to the middle of the page on the main site, home page, and you'll see a box labelled "What are you looking for?"  Enter your search text there.

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